Important Info – Suffolk 100

Here you’ll find essential information regarding the Suffolk 100.

Please read carefully as due to COVID-19 things will run a bit differently than usual.

We recommend all participants wear a mask when not riding, this includes registration and feedstops, think of us like a supermarket!

Please do not ride in groups of more than 6. 

GPX/TCX files can be downloaded at Suffolk 100 GPX.

Event HQ

Event HQ

Kesgrave Community and Conference Centre (KWMCC)
12 Acre Approach
Suffolk IP5 1JF

The Event HQ will be manned from 7.30am to 4.30pm



Most Timing chips and numbers have been sent in the post, please DO NOT arrive more than half an hour before your allocated wave. There will be a carpark attendant checking names and numbers upon entry. 

If you are picking up your entry on the day it will be on a table in the hall in an envelope labelled with your name. 

Once your allocated wave time arrives you can follow signs to the start line and begin

On the Day Registration

On the Day Registrations are by appointment only, please contact us to confirm there are places and to have your name added to the list. People wishing to register on the day must fill a registration form and pay for their entry in cash. A form can be downloaded Here.

Please take note of the allotted registration times as you will not be able to register beforehand. 

Cycling Equipment Requirements

There will be a mechanic available on the day, however it is important you are self sufficient in changing your inner tube in the event of a puncture. We recommend you carry a minimum of 2 spare tubes and a puncture repair kit. 

Suitable Tyres

It might seem obvious, but you must make sure you have suitable tyres for puncture free riding. If you are running on old tyres, think about getting a set of new tyres for the ride – as sitting around waiting for a pick up won’t be much fun.

Participants are responsible for their own cycle, which must be fully roadworthy.

You must have at least:

  • A hand pump, spare inner tubes and a small multi-tool. We also recommend you have money, a mobile phone and spare clothes in case of any adverse weather conditions.
  • You must also have a water bottle/cage and be carrying some food.

Timing Chip Attachment

The timing chips are pre-attached to rider numbers. You will be given cable ties to attach the rider number to your handlebars.

Please attach the before you start and make sure you pass through the gantry when you finish.

Course Signs and GPX/TCX Route Files

The course is marked with black arrows on bright Pink paper that clearly mark the way as well as the route splits.

A link to the Garmin GPX/TCX files will be sent via email on Friday – this is so we are able to send out the correct routes after checking there are no issues around the courses. The link will also be available on the website.

We do our best to try and make sure your ride on the road runs as smoothly as possible by marking the roads clearly. If you find you have not seen a marker for a while, stop and consult your map, ask someone, or find a landmark and give us a call using the number provided on the back of your number.

The Routes, Feed Stations and Toilet Stops 

Please wear a mask when using the feed stations (think of it like a shop), we recommend gloves too. There will be some masks available for those who don’t have them.  

Hand sanitiser will be  available. Please ensure you keep at least 1 metre distance from others. 

The Long route has 3 available stops. These are at 27/56/82 miles. These are at Snape/Huntingfield/Kettleburgh.

The Long route comes to a  junction just after 46 miles at Blythburgh which turns right onto the  A12. Although the speed limit is 30mph, you should be aware that you will turn right onto the A12 – vehicles approaching from your left (Ipswich direction) travel round a left hand bend, so visibility is reduced. Be careful when making this manoeuvre as you will be starting from a stopped position.

The Medium Route has two available stops at 27/46 miles. These are at Snape and Kettleburgh.
The Medium route crosses the A12 at Carlton (just over 37 miles) , where cars will be travelling at 60mph. You cross the junction on a cycle crossing, but beware of fast travelling vehicles.
The Short Route has one available feed station at Kettleburgh Village Hall on the 27 mile mark.
All food is individually wrapped

To avoid  crowding and feedstops will be monitored, to ensure that only event riders are using them. Please display your rider number clearly on your bike.

The Route Splits

The Short route splits from the Medium and Long routes at just over 15 miles at a place called Chillesford, where the short will turn left and the long/medium continue straight. It will be fully signed and will be obvious which way you need to turn. Your feed stop is at 27 miles.

The Long route splits right and the medium route splits left at 34 miles in. The Long route then heads towards Dunwich and continues an anti-clockwise journey around the course until Huntingfield feed stop at 56 miles and the last stop at Kettleburgh village hall where you will have 18 miles to go.

The split point for the long route will be taken down at 11am, if you don’t reach the split by then you will be automatically sent around the medium route. This is so you are guaranteed to make it around the course on time. 

The Medium route splits left from the long route at 34 miles. It then continues the route anti-clockwise until the second feed stop at 46 miles, and then onto the final push of 18 miles.

All Routes

All routes will have mile indicators after each split point to confirm that you are on the correct route.

At the last feed stop, there is only 18 miles to go  – so stop and get refreshed before making the final push (and maybe a cup of tea.)

Standards and Categories

We have put together some standard times to make your ride results a little more interesting.

The Standard Times for 100 miles are:

Age Group 18 to 39 = 5:40 Gold, 6:00 Silver, 6:20 Bronze.

Age Group 40 to 49 = 5:55 Gold, 6:10 Silver, 6:30 Bronze.

Age Group 50 to 59 = 6:05 Gold, 6:20 Silver, 6:40 Bronze.

Age Group 60+ = 6:20 Gold, 6:40 Silver, 7:00 Bronze.

The Standard Times for 63 miles are:

Age Group 18 to 39 = 3:35 Gold, 3:55 Silver, 4:15 Bronze.

Age Group 40 to 49 = 3:50 Gold, 4:05 Silver, 4:25 Bronze.

Age Group 50 to 59 = 4:00 Gold, 4:15 Silver, 4:35 Bronze.

Age Group 60+ = 4:15 Gold, 4:35 Silver, 4:55 Bronze.

The Standard Times for 45 miles are:

Age Group 18 to 39 = 2:35 Gold, 2:55 Silver, 3:20 Bronze

Age Group 40 to 49 = 2:45 Gold, 3:05 Silver, 3:30 Bronze

Age Group 50 to 59 = 2:55 Gold, 3:20 Silver, 3:45 Bronze

Age Group 60+ = 3:15 Gold, 3:40 Silver, 4:05 Bronze.

Ladies add 20 mins to each category

Emergencies and Problems

If you have a problem on route emergency numbers are on the reverse of your ride number – should you require the emergency services please stay on the course to enable them to assist you quicker.

If you need mechanical assistance we recommend you text your problem and location to the mechanic who’s number is on the reverse of the rider number. Texting your location makes it much easier for the mechanic to quickly respond to you.

You are required to wear a helmet, please ride carefully and respect the locals, horses and motorists.

British Cycling Standards

You are required to wear a helmet, please ride carefully and respect the locals and motorists.

We suggest riders carry food, drink, money, a mobile phone, spare inner tubes, a working pump, a basic tool kit and spare clothing sufficient to complete the ride being undertaken, taking into account the route and possible adverse weather conditions.

Participants will be responsible for their own cycle which must be fully roadworthy.

It is the responsibility of any entrants to carry a map of the route. We will provide maps/cue sheets before the event. GPX/TCX files will also be sent out to you via an email link

All of our Events are run to the British Cycing Non competitive guidelines 

Included in the entry fee is Third Party Insurance provided by Insignia Underwriters.

The wearing of hard shell helmets conforming to CE standards EN1078 is mandatory for all riders at all times whilst on the course.

ALL RIDERS MUST CARRY a form of identification showing their name, address and the contact details of a person to be advised in the event of an accident.

And finally

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable ride, and look forward to seeing you all on the day!